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Popcorn Removal Contractors Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics Among Popcorn Ceiling Removal Contractors of the United States

An agreement between our contracting colleagues, or employees, our professional associations, the general public, and especially our customers, relating to how we conduct ourselves properly as we pursue our trade.

Our Obligations as Contractors

* To treat all homes, facilities and both public and private real estate with the utmost care in preservation and protection, utilizing materials and means that are both efficient and advanced.

* To always be professional in our craft and in the way we do business as we offer our services in the area of decorating and painting, and to keep up with the current methods for safe popcorn ceiling removal.

* To keep up with the proper documentation required in our industry, where we do business, involving areas of licensure, insurance and following regulations and similar required policies.

Our Obligations to the Public

* To operate our business as we hold ourselves to the greatest possible standards in both our industry and our profession.

* To constantly and consistently improve our skills through the use of best business practices and by researching and learning all the latest advances within our industry and profession.

* To increase value all around us where we do business by utilizing ceiling texture solutions that are innovative.

* To complete all work and contracts to the best of our abilities.

* To be professional everywhere we go and in everything we do, all the time.

* To maintain obedience to the laws concerning our local, state and federal regulations for popcorn texture removal.

* To rigidly follow the regulations and laws at all levels from federal down to local when it comes to properly storing and disposing of any and all paints and popcorn textures containing asbestos.

Our Obligations to Our Colleagues And Associations

* To pass ideas among each other freely, and invite all others to do the same.

* To represent our industry and profession everywhere and everytime in a favorable manner.

* To market to all colleagues and associations the concept of equal and fair treatment of everyone in our industry and profession.

* To stand against any practices that discriminate against anyone.

* To associate with our colleagues and encourage the promotion of this Code of Ethics to everyone.

* To not spread false information or ideas or any items of a negative aspect regarding ourselves or others in our industry, nor our colleagues or any other organization within our profession.

Our Obligation to Our Employees

* To give training and employment opportunity as well as any advancement opportunity, along with financial security, in a way that is progressive and rewarding to those employees who show initiative.

* To offer a safe place to work by initiating safety regulations and practice that is in line with local, state and federal law.

* To be obedient to all regulations and laws from all levels of government.

Our Obligations to Ourselves

* To advance the ideas within this Code as well as the concepts of our industry and profession by developing and contributing to forums, chapters, councils and other related associations within our industry.

* To create and maintain the greatest level of both goodwill and respect to and from our colleagues in the industry.

* To market our industry and colleagues among our customers, fellow members, the industry itself, as well as within and among any groups related to our profession.

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